How it started...


Then came Ashley & Malone, a boutique design agency fuelled by the love of a husband and wife duo.

With a sweet spot for the wedding, interior design and lifestyle brands, we link arms with well-established creative professionals who are ready to up-level their business and not only make a long-lasting impression—but build a reputation that lasts.
Since tying the business knot over 5 years ago, we’ve been design strategists for clients all over the world including Cameron Diaz’s Body Book, wedding PR agency Be Inspired and the UK’s leading education platform The Wedding Academy.

Simply put: You’ll have ever-present branding experts to field your questions and map out your vision, and behind-the-scenes smooth operators who know code like you know your designer threads.

We work hand-in-hand with our team (and you!) to create a distinctly-you online presence that’ll leave visitors seriously smitten—and get you those double-takes and inquiries in your inbox from the people you want most.


From a young age, I’ve always been in love with design, whether it meant doodling for hours or crafting high school art assignments. After pocketing a degree in Graphic Design and working on high level corporate branding projects, my creativity was ignited when we started our own freelance business.

As the Creative Director at Ashley & Malone, there’s nothing that makes my design passion sing like helping my clients slip into a brand that makes them feel confident about their business and fuels their profits. I’m also a designaholic who loves morning cappuccinos, interiors , travel and my beautiful baby girl, Isla Mae.


I learned how to code websites over 9 years ago when I graduated from a tech college. Since then, I’ve been working in digital agencies developing websites where I thrived on the fast and furious pace of the industry.

As the Lead Coder and Developer at Ashley & Malone, I’m constantly updating my skills to keep on top of the newest technological trends. I pride myself on providing our clients with high-end, user-friendly and custom-tailored websites that are a cinch to update and look stunning and function seamlessly on screens, small and big. I also love hip hop music, shooting hoops, and visiting my original home in the Bahamas.

Senior Designer
Creative Manager
Designer + Writer