Category: Business

August 16, 2018

Why letting “go” of your brand is bad for business!

As business owners we all reach a point where things are going well, you’re booking the right clientele, working with great budgets and creating work that’s inspiring. It’s during this time of contentment and busy that we often stop paying attention to how our

July 4, 2018

How to diversify your wedding planning services?

At some point in your wedding planning business, you’ll start wondering what else you can do to help scale your business. There are only so many weddings one can plan, am I right? Now, with most of the wedding planners we work with have

April 23, 2018

The Famous G*** Word

If you haven’t heard about the new GDPR rules that need to be implemented for online business owners across the world, let us break down quickly what you need to be aware of. Please note that this is a legally binding implementation from the

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