Launch Love – Michel B Events

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here…and I have a bit of “hypocritis” going on. Blogging is something that should be done consistently and well if it’s going to make an impact in your business. Plus it’s amazing for all things SEO. I ingrain this into our clients when they ask about SEO. So here I am, months past due from a post. Better late than never….and I’m usually never late!

We’re in the midst of updating our entire portfolio here at Ashley & Malone. We have so much new fresh work that we’re so proud of and we hope it will attract even more amazing clients.

I thought I would share our new layout to get your thoughts. One of my most favorite websites I designed this year was for our amazing client Michel B, a wedding planner in California. Michel was sick of seeing the same website pop up over and over again for vendors in her area. She wanted something truly different and not based on any sort of traditional website layout. We went a bit edgy, interactive and stand-out with typography and layering in photography.

Michel trusted us from the start and it was truly such an awesome experience working together on this beauty.

Have a look at her site and our new portfolio layout done by our talented designer Amber.


Italy Inspires

Sometimes we’re lucky enough in business to work with clients who are driven by inspiration and giving back to a community where they’ve thrived. That couldn’t be more true for Italy Inspires founder, Andrea Naar Alba of Italian Weddings & Events. A luxury event planner in Italy who saw a need to not only educate European wedding professionals but to also open the landscape of Italy to those who sought romantic weddings, only her country could provide. Andrea is a industry pro who produces some of the top events in the country and is a recent speaker at Engage Europe!

When Andrea and I began the journey of branding her new venture Italy Inspires, I was struck with some intense wanderlust. Italy was one of the countries Dallas and I travelled on our honeymoon and completely fell in love with the culture, food, language and visual ambiance. It’s no wonder major celebs have planned their I do’s there. This was certainly an inspiring project for us to work on!

There were two common themes that are represented in Italy Inspires new brand: luxury and culture.  We started with a rich colour palette that was iconic of the natural landscape of Italy….deep ocean blues with sand, blush and brown for accent. Black and gold were weaved throughout to create a luxurious feeling. Next we focused on traditional and classic fonts that felt high-fashion, really attracting a clientele that valued quality. Textures and patterns were also developed that spoke to Italian design, like ornate Mediterranean tiles and stone textures.

Italy Inspires is a brand that offers luxury wedding professional in Europe and beyond a place to be inspired, expand their education and find support from each other. Another aspect of the brand is to bring luxury professionals around the world to Italy’s landscape to help build its wedding tourism for opulent events!

Check out a highlight of Italy Inspires brand and website below!



If you’re ready for a brand that’s dressed to impress, let’s chat about your goals today!