No. 01


Once you’ve developed a little designer crush on us (blush!), the next thing to do is fill out our inquiry form so we can set up a quick, no-strings-attached chat to discuss your business goals and how we can help. This gives us a chance to feel out the chemistry and make sure we're a match made in heaven.

No. 02


You’ve decided we’re The One, we'll send you a custom online estimate that encompasses your unique branding needs. If you choose to accept, we’ll request a 25% deposit to reserve your start date in our little black book.

No. 03


We'll create a project timeline for milestone due dates and send you a contract that keeps everyone’s best interests at heart. A typical branding and website project takes 12 weeks.

No. 04


Once your project begins, we'll send you some workdbooks to help us get more intimate with your business, your vision, and your ideal client. Then we'll curate a brand strategy that’ll become the heart of your design project.

No. 05


Here's where the real fun begins! We'll start developing your logo designs, followed by all your complementary branding elements: watermark designs, patterns, font selections and colour palette. Once your brand is styled up, we'll develop a plan for your new site, so we can pinpoint all the pages that’ll be included plus what content and images you need to prep.

No. 06


Next, we'll design your home page mockup for your website. Once approved, we'll move on to your interior pages. This is where our developers take the stage and begin to code and craft a responsive website for your brand. You'll receive a test link for approval and we'll set a date to launch your site (and pop the champagne!).

No. 07


Once you’ve launched, we'll send you an easy-to-follow training video to go over the WordPress backend. We'll show you to pull all the new strings of your shiny new site. Our motto is: If you’re cozy and familiar with Facebook, updating your own WordPress site will be a piece of chocolate cake.

No. 08


To wrap up our time together, we’ll package up all your brand files and tie them with a pretty bow, and even tack on a guide that’ll help you keep your branding consistent moving forward. Of course, we’re always here for added support if you run into any problems in the future. We offer our clients support at our reduced hourly rate of $75/hour. Lastly, we want to hear all about how your new branding is changing your business, your confidence, your bank account and your level of creative contentment.


How do I get in your little black book?

After you inquire through our contact form, we’ll send you over our Process & Pricing Guide and schedule a quick chat to see if we vibe. If we’re practically finishing one another’s sentences and you’re ready to collaborate on your business vision, we’ll send you over an invoice for the deposit so you can officially claim your design project spot.

Who will I be working with?

Not to worry, our team is small and closely-knit! Caryn, our client wing-woman, will setup your project and be readily available to answer your Qs, relay our progress, send over your beautiful design, get your feedback and keep the process dulce de leche smooth. Ashley and Amber will be your design stylists, guiding the strategic visioning and brand building process (with the occasional home decorating tangent). And Dallas will be your developer and walking Wordpress guide.

What project management software do you use?

Hello Basecamp. It’s like our digital Martha Stewart, keeping all of your project files, discussions and to-dos in one organized and convenient place. No more hard-to-track email threads or re-sending documents. Plus, we’re able to track deadlines, keep communication clear, and even gush over the outfits you’re deciding between for your upcoming photoshoot.

How many clients to you court a month and how long do I have to wait to work with you?

We’ve found our sweet spot is 2-3. This us allows to give you all the time and personalized attention you deserve. We know branding your business is a big investment, so we want to make it worth your while and ensure you get the absolute most out of your experience. We typically book 3-6 months in advance.

Do you offer payment plans?

For you? Of course! We try to keep the financial investment as achievable as possible, so we’ve designed two plans to space out your payments and make budgeting easy. Our most popular choice is a 25% deposit with the remaining balance split across 3 months, always due on the first of each month.

What’s a responsive website?

It’s adaptable, flexible, and designed for optimal viewing across all devices. The benefits for your users are easier reading, seamless navigation, and minimum resizing, panning or scrolling. In other words? Your visitors will want to stick around longer.

When you've got a cohesive unique brand that you're proud to stand behind, it's that much easier to engage dream clients, command higher rates, stretch beyond your comfort zone, and step into the industry spotlight where you belong.