Lily Greenthumbs

About The Project

Lily Greenthumbs is a luxury florist located in North Carolina. The bounty of their designs is truly unmatched and it was such a fun process designing a brand that was not only luxurious but had a touch of southern charm. We worked on infusing their brand story and name into the brand aesthetic which included a hand drawn bouquet of lily of the valley. We mixed a sophisticated and preppy color palette and infused beautiful patterns to punch of the personality of the brand and make it memorable. Perhaps my favorite part of their website is the modern menu design that follows the user throughout the website.

Services Provided

From The Client

WE ARE OBSESSED WITH ASHLEY & MALONE! Seriously, these guys are awesome. They took some random, general concepts we had and made it come to life. When I look at our branding now, I think "Well of course! That's what it always should have been!" Everything they did was so in line with where we want to be as a company. Cannot sing their praises loud enough!

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