You’re no newcomer to your industry. You’ve already earned your credentials, raked in respect and built a promising portfolio of creative work.

There’s just one little problem: Your current branding doesn’t reflect that.

Maybe you’ve outgrown it. Maybe it doesn’t feel “you”. Maybe it’s lacking a sense of completeness and cohesiveness. Or maybe your once-stylish logo and outdated website served you well up until this point, but now you can’t help but notice that your brand is looking like your past and not your future.

You’re ready for a brand that proves to your clients you’re going to give them the kind of high-end experience they’re craving. One that puts your best face forward. But most importantly, one that helps you get to the next level of your creative potential. And this is where we can help.

At Ashley & Malone, we believe in getting to the heart of you, your business and your goals to create a branding and website experience that gets remembered. When you have a memorable business, you’ll begin booking pinch-me clients that trust your expertise and never question your value. 


By marrying who you are with your business goals, and avoiding design trends that leave your attraction waning 3 months later, we’ll create a timeless brand that’s loyal to you long-term. And that means you’ll be able to showcase a higher level of professionalism, charge more and expand effortlessly.


Your website will be dressed to impress with high-end customizations and meaningful touches that take your business wherever you want it to go. From mobile to tablet, our polished code makes navigating your website a walk in Central Park on any device you’re being admired on.


We follow up every project with a Wordpress training session, so updating your website moving forward will be doable instead of daunting. On top of that, we offer email support for 30 days to ensure you’re comfortable moving around your new online home. When you need us, we’re here for you.


You have clients to attract and money to make. You don’t have time to be micromanaging designers, chasing down MIA developers, or sitting behind “Coming Soon” pages for months. With our streamlined process, you get 24/7 access to your project, milestone markers and weekly updates, so you launch on time and in style.

“I absolutely LOVED working with Ashley & Malone! I felt so lost in my brand identity and didn’t even know where to begin in establishing one. With so many useful tools and just getting to know me, Ashely & Malone hit the nail on the head with my new brand. I felt like they really listened to me, were so responsive during our time together and made the experience so fun & exciting! It really made me fall in love with my business all over again. With so much competition it’s important to have a brand created by pros that know your industry and know how to make you stand out."

Janel Gonzalez, Janel Events
How We Make You Swoon:
  • True-to-You Branding: We’ll start with a client profile guide that helps us get to the bottom of who you most love working with. Then we’ll research, plan, sketch and design your new brand, so it gets double takes from your dream clients. Our branding experience is completely full service – from strategy, tailored design details, custom illustration and a in-depth brand guideline. You'll leave with all the tools, instructions and files to execute your brand successfully on your own.

  • Custom Responsive Website: We’ll craft a unique layout that complements your sales process and takes user navigation habits into consideration. The best part? Your website will look swoon-worthy from laptop to mobile and function flawlessly no matter what device your prospects are checking you out on. We work within the WordPress platform to give your online home ease and grace, regardless of your expertise or plans for growth.

  • Standout Stationery: First impressions count. We accessorize your business with statement paper pieces that’ll woo your dream clients and give them a personalized courtship experience unlike any other. From customized client experience packages to luxury business cards, we tailor each piece to match your goals long-term.

  • Consulting: Perfect for bosses who are starting out or other designers looking for a boost in their business! You'll have two power sessions with Ashley where she'll listen to your business struggles, review your brand and give you a full critique of your website. After each session you'll receive a goal setting checklist and a final audit of actionable steps to improve your business on your own terms. We'll follow up our brand consulting with a half an hour wrap-up session to celebrate your success and answer any last minute questions!

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