Launch Love: Beverly’s Bakery

I don’t know about you, but launches that include delicious desserts and gorgeous cakes are always ok with us! Working with Jennifer and Dirk of Beverly’s Bakery was a dream come true. Their bakery business was passed down from her parents and learning about their journey was truly special. They have built an amazing reputation for impossible to ignore wedding cakes and special in-store treats – but it was time for their branding and website to catch up to their accomplishments.

We worked from the ground up to create a branding system that not only worked for their two California retail locations, but also attracted high-end wedding clientele to their website. Jennifer has amazing style and is no stranger to bright colors and bold prints. Since her vision is wrapped into every element of their store and designs, we felt it was important to infuse her personality into the overall brand experience.

The responsive website for Beverly’s Bakery was designed with weddings and events in mind. As the user you’re immediately greeted with a visual menu of possibilities for your event…weddings, favors and desserts! As a full service bakery it was important to attract new clients to Beverly’s who might not have visited their retail location. Their website is their visual store front where users can tour their gallery, download their custom pricing menus and inquire directly from their contact page. It was important that the website not only looked beautiful on desktop computers but worked flawlessly on mobile.




As a special touch we designed two sets of stationery, one for weddings and one for retail clients! The new brand and website for Beverly’s Bakery is not only is delicious to look at, but I know it will be effective in meeting all the goals they have for the future!

What’s your favorite part of the new brand?

5 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself About Brand Photography

Anyone who’s worked with me knows I’m a passionate advocate for using professional, on-brand imagery in your marketing. The photos you use – from your portfolio to your headshots to your Instagram – provide a unique opportunity to connect with your dream clients and to create a cohesive, beautiful brand experience.

In our agency, we’ve made a point of prioritizing professional photography, and the investment has more than paid for itself. Not only are we consistently reinforcing the Ashley & Malone brand in a visual sense, we’re also demonstrating that we’re professionals ourselves, and we take our work seriously. Like everything in business, a successful brand is created with purpose and planning, and gorgeous images are the perfect way to reinforce our own!


It goes without saying that professional photography is the best way to showcase your work and build trust among your prospective clients. To take it a step further, here are five things to look for when selecting professional images for your marketing:

  1. Do the images complement your brand? Take a look at our Instagram. (No, really; I’ll wait!) I’ll bet you could tell right away the kinds of colors, as well as the general subject matter, that resonate with us. That’s not happenstance – we’ve curated every image we use, from social media to our own website, to be brand-centric. You can do the same when you select your images with the intention of supporting your brand.
  2. Is your work being showcased to its best effect? Wedding planners will likely want impeccable quality, on-site photos that document their most memorable events . Other creatives may select stunning, styled stock photography that can be customized to include their latest designs or product launches. Whatever platform you use to show off your talent, make sure it’s doing justice to your wonderful work!
  3. Does your personality shine through? Your brand should incorporate your personality, your style, personality, and the things you love – and so should your imagery! If visitors to your website or social media accounts can’t get a sense of who you are by looking through your photos, what’s the point? The goal is for someone to look at one of your images and, without knowing the source, immediately identify it with you and your brand.
  4. Do the images reflect a mix of authenticity and aspiration? As much as your photos should be a genuine representation of you, they also should pique viewers’ interest and make them swoon! Especially in stylish fields like weddings and events, fashion, and – yes – branding, images should really pop and leave people wanting more.
  5. Are your viewers inspired? Inspiration can mean a lot of things. Maybe they’ll be inspired to hire your company, or share your social media posts, or engage in a dialogue. The point is that you’re calling them to action, simply by choosing the right images for your marketing.

If you’re ready for a brand makeover, complete with a gorgeous, image-focused responsive website, we’d love to chat!

Launch Love: Amy Abbott Weddings & Events!

We’re back today with another behind-the-scenes look at the launch of one of our wonderful clients: Amy Abbott Weddings & Events! Serving weddings, parties and corporate events in Los Cabos, Mexico, Amy Abbott and her team promise distinctive, meticulously designed celebrations with impeccable attention to detail. Clearly our kind of people – so you can imagine our excitement when they approached us for branding!

The Client:

Amy Abbott Weddings & Events came to Ashley & Malone in need a complete update of their brand and website. With Los Cabos’ popularity soaring as a wedding and event destination, Amy realized it was time to level up her branding to represent who they truly were as a company: a luxury full-service design and event planning business.

The Process:

I was inspired by Amy’s passion for her work, as well as the potential for creating a truly breathtaking brand identity for her company, from our first conversation. That inspiration allowed us to craft a brand identity that not only reflected Amy’s vibrant personality, but one that would attract her dream client.

The colors of the ocean, sand and coral were a centerpiece for our brand design, as well as the authentic Mexican tile that seen throughout Cabo. I wanted Amy’s brand to exude “destination” and really draw the type of couple that didn’t just want a typical resort wedding. Rather, we were seeking to reach couples that wanted a thoughtful, personal event, in a beautiful destination. An event that included all of the design details and amenities they could expect if they were in their home city. That’s exactly what Amy Abbott delivers, and delivers flawlessly.

Ashley-And-Malone-Amy-Abbott-EventsThe Products:

We took our color inspiration, our admiration of Amy’s talent and service, and our knowledge of her ideal clients, and crafted a complete brand identity. An elegant and evocative logo, custom responsive website to showcase her portfolio, and stunning suite of stationery were among the services we rendered, and the entire process was a pleasure from beginning to end. We’ve mentioned our dream clients before on our blog, and Amy Abbott is a perfect example!

The Result:

Please visit Amy’s new website to learn more about her services, and of course to see Ashley & Malone’s work! We’re currently accepting inquiries for our last three branding spots in 2015, so if you’ve been considering an update of your brand identity or a gorgeous new website, now is the time to reach out! We can’t wait to hear from you!