The new WINK! Brand and Website Launch

When Liz from Wink! Weddings reached out to me about rebranding I was seriously smitten. I had been following the Wink! brand before I was even designing for the wedding industry. I loved their brand, she loved their brand but it was time for a change. That’s one of the most challenging aspects for a business owner to come to terms with. But we worked, and designed, created and collaborated….and well, no short of magic happened. Liz wasn’t afraid of being different, of being unique and totally standing out from the crowd.

The brand developed and became not only edgier but incredibly happier – in fact every time I worked on any design details, I felt it too. That’s when I knew we had something special. A place for Wink! to attract their quirky clientele, a brand that was vibrant and a website that was full of life.





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Growing Business Series: Evolving Your Business


Building a business is tough! It’s not all peony bouquets and glamorous business trips. It’s easy to get wrapped into believing that this entrepreneurial journey doesn’t require a lot of internal change. There is often a lot of articles about how to attract clients, where to find them, what to do with your social media, but very few about internal organization, especially with growth. I’m here to shed a bit of light about what it’s been like for us, from both of us being full-time employed with Ashley & Malone as side gig to a boutique agency with 5 employees.

The first element I want to touch on is evolving in business. There is not one time in the last three years that I can remember where things felt stagnant. In the back of my mind I always thought there would be a day where I would get that ‘Oprah Aha! Moment’. I would have figured everything out and the business would run smoothly from top to bottom. The truth is some days it’s a rollercoaster of trial and error. Our business is constantly changing, dare I say even daily. I’ve learned that this is good, this is growth, this is where you can make a difference!

When something is working, we keep it, if something isn’t, we change it. Everything from our internal process, our service offerings to our prices is constantly evolving and improving with the company. One thing I recommend to every business owner is getting client feedback after a project wraps up. As scary as it can be to receive any critique, you’ll learn so much about how a client perceives your business. How they felt throughout the process and sometimes, they will share important advice that other clients might find helpful.  I’ve learned SO much about building a team, developing a process that’s supported by a foundation of strategy and intention – not fluff, just through our client feedback.

So my advise to you today is to grab ahold of your goal, continue to adapt and change with your business. Change is where you’ll see growth, profitability and energy to build a business that you love.