The new WINK! Brand and Website Launch

When Liz from Wink! Weddings reached out to me about rebranding I was seriously smitten. I had been following the Wink! brand before I was even designing for the wedding industry. I loved their brand, she loved their brand but it was time for a change. That’s one of the most challenging aspects for a business owner to come to terms with. But we worked, and designed, created and collaborated….and well, no short of magic happened. Liz wasn’t afraid of being different, of being unique and totally standing out from the crowd.

The brand developed and became not only edgier but incredibly happier – in fact every time I worked on any design details, I felt it too. That’s when I knew we had something special. A place for Wink! to attract their quirky clientele, a brand that was vibrant and a website that was full of life.





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Launch Love: Reflections Weddings & Events

We’re so excited to share with you the new launch of Reflections Weddings & Events! Jasmine, the owner came to us early this year and quickly got on our waitlist to reinvent her brand and website. We don’t often get to meet our clients in person, but ironically enough, Jasmine surprised me at The Business of Weddings conference in Toronto! It was so nice to get that personal connection, which made our time building her brand that much more enjoyable.

It was an absolute pleasure bringing her vision to life! Jasmine really had her business style nailed down and truly embraced the power of simplicity, which can be really hard trust. One thing that stood out to me was Reflections desire to truly help their clients and their specifically their “why” of what they do.

“We believe that every couple should be able to enjoy their wedding day stress free which comes from a stress free planning process. I also believe that every couple deserves a wedding that is a true reflection of them and their love”.

Have a look at all the beauty, simplicity and luxury that we wrapped into every detail of Reflections Weddings & Events brand and website!





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